Jessica Harrison

she makes some awesomely weird art
i particularly like this series of zombie-ish porcelain figurines
my initial reaction is to laugh
because they are funny
in a dark and wonderful kind of way
but then i sit with them for a while
and i wonder if they're tired of being ladies
so they mutilate themselves
with tools that have defined femininity in the past
such as fans
for us fragile creatures who faint and such
maybe the one pulled out her eyes because she had to sit at home and wait for a man to marry
and as they weren't much use to her sitting on her ass
she just released them from their doldrums
the other one ripped out her guts because there was no room for her innards with her corset perhaps
she's just being logical
no room in there
so pull them out
let them breathe

i think about these things
and then i laugh again

see more from the series here
and check out the rest of her portfolio because there is some...
interesting stuff